CLUB teams

Spring / Summer Season


U17 Black Spring / Summer Team

The 2021 U17 Black Spring / Summer Team will play in the Pound The Rock Exhibition series hosted by VanCity at LGCA. 



Sunday, September 8, 12:30-1:45pm at St. Pius Elementary School
Sunday, September 15 1:45-3:00pm at LGCA


Sam Simser
Jude Conlin-Williams 
Connor Rerup
Max Bougie 
Ege Demir
Ben Nicholson 
Cooper Lauzon 
Jack L’estrange 
Oliver Richman 


Jamie Oei
Siamak Salehi
Matt McKay

Practice Schedule:

Thursday 7:00pm-9:00pm @ LGCA 

 Games Schedule:

July 10 – 5:00pm vs. VC U16 Black 

July 18th- 4:00pm vs Holy Cross Crusaders SR @ LGCA 

Split Second Tournament: 

July 23rd- 5:15pm vs Split Second U16 @ Vancouver Tolmud Torah 

July 24th- 2:00pm vs BC Swish U16/17 @ Vancouver Tolmud Torah 

July 24th- 5:45pm vs Split Second U17 @ Vancouver Tolmud Torah 



Jan 25 / 26 Icicle Shootout (Lynnwood, WA)



Practices, League Fee, Gear Fee, Coaching Fee


Awards Banquet:

February 27 at Seymour Golf & Country Club