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What Parents Say...

VanCity Basketball has been a great choice for our three sons. Jamie and his coaching team have provided tremendous individual skill development, positive team environments, high expectations of behaviour on and off the court, and exciting game play, locally and away.” 
— Collette Ostler 

Our son is currently playing university basketball. Vancity is one of the reasons he was was able to take his game to the next level. This sport requires hard work, determination, team work, confidence and skill. Jamie and all the coaches at Vancity are dedicated to providing this type of environment where players can aspire to play ball at the next level or just play great basketball. They truly care about kids and are also committed to making sure no kid should miss out on any of their programs through their “Ernie Oei scholarships”. As a parent, this speaks volumes to the heart of the organization.”
— Edward Wright

We were lucky to hear about VanCity Basketball from a family who raved about the programs. The coaches are superb and the culture is incredibly positive and inclusive.

This club strikes a special balance between teaching players technical aspects of the game and instilling important values – such as Respect, Teamwork and Perseverance – that apply both on and off the court.

The coaches take time to connect with each player to motivate them in a meaningful and positive way. It has been a joy to watch our two boys increase their skill levels, confidence and love of the game. They look forward to their next practice or game and cannot wait to get back on the court!

Vancity Basketball has exceeded our expectations on all fronts – we cannot recommend this club highly enough!”
 The Holden Family,  Little Dribblers & U14 League & Club

Since 2014, our two boys have been a part of VanCity’s VBL, Club Team and Summer Camps program.  From the first practices, it was clear that VanCity was run differently from other sports clubs. This was initially clear from Jamie’s special ability to make each of the players feel like they are a part of something special, and how there is a place within the VanCity program for boys and girls of every skill level.  Jamie/VanCity makes the child’s enjoyment and comfort a top priority.  Had Jamie not allowed our boys a certain degree of flexibility in their early years in a fun and pressure-free VBL, I think it is highly unlikely that they would still be playing today (Fall, 2018).

 Jamie has a very special gift of really “seeing” each of the players (personality, abilities, etc.) and recognizing when they improve or when they need to be shown how to do things differently, which may be in the middle of a play in which case all players benefit and learn. He is very quick to identify and then draw the boys’ attention to skill and play related issues, without isolating any one player.  Jamie doesn’t simply just show them what to do, but helps them understand the logic behind “why”.  As a parent I really appreciate his firm, yet kind & often humorous way of working with the boys and they way he tailors his approach to each age group.  As a parent who attends all games, it’s really exciting to see all the players develop dramatically over the season and to see the support the VanCity parents give to all players.  Jamie earns the respect from the players immediately, and returns that respect to the players. Our experience with other VanCity coaches has also been exceptional, and all have helped our boys to develop a love of basketball that will last a lifetime.”
— K Wiebe 

Both of my son’s have been involved in Vancity Basketball Academy for both VBL & club teams. We keep coming back for more each season. My boys are learning while having fun, growing as athletes under amazing coaches & feel well supported. The model that Jamie has developed includes all the important factors of team sport to our family- fun, skill development, self esteem, team development, compassion & commitment, to mention a few.”
— Sarah F.

Our 11 year old son Calvin has been a member of the Vancity basketball club for three years. During this time he has had an amazing experience. Not only does he have fun with a great team of boys, but he has developed both technically and mentally on the court since joining the club. The leadership and coaching that Jamie provides is strong and very effective. We have found all of the Vancity coaches to be extremely committed and knowledgeable. We are glad that we chose such a supportive community for our son to play basketball and we would highly recommend Vancity basketball club for any family looking for both a competitive and fun basketball club for their kids.”
— Philip & Cari Kuzyk

Being part of Vancity Basketball Academy is like being part of a family. All the coaches of Vancity genuinely care for the growth and skill development of our kids. Kids are learning the game by experienced and knowledgeable coaches and creating memorable bonds that last a life time. I wouldn’t choose any other club for my son to be a part of. We love Vancity Basketball Academy!”
— Rana Lee

My three boys have played Club basketball on the North Shore for about seven years, the last four years with Vancity. Jamie and the coaches care about the kids so much, both on and off the court, that they feel like family. Boys who are fierce competitors during the School season must become allies during Club season, and when they do, it takes their game to a new level! The basketball is exciting to watch, but even more so I love watching the camaraderie and chemistry develop on the court, and that win or lose, the friendships remain.”
Nancy Chapman