Private Training

Accelerate your game!

Our Private training programs are tailored to address the individual needs of each athlete. We offer both small group and individual workouts.

For players to truly improve and reach their goals they need to work on their game outside of team and league practices. These programs will focus on shooting , 1on1 moves, scoring moves, passing, dribbling, conditioning, defence, rebounding, Basketball IQ & in game decision making.  

To sign up for Individual or Group Training with our coaches, please email

Individual 1-on-1 Training

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1-on-1 workouts are great for players of all different ages and abilities. This environment has more one on one time with our coaches who are completely focused on developing the players skillset. Our coaches will design a specific program for each athlete to follow and will also provide them with additional workouts for players to complete on their own time. 

Rates:  1 session $85  /  5 sessions $415  /  10 sessions $800

VanCity Basketball has been a great choice for our three sons. Jamie and his coaching team have provided tremendous individual skill development, positive team environments, high expectations of behaviour on and off the court, and exciting game play, locally and away.” 
— Collette Ostler 

Small Group Training

Small Group training is an excellent way to develop players individual skills in a competitive environment. Group training will focus on game specific training and situations to help players enhance their basketball IQ and decision making skills. All groups will be formed according to players age, abilities and goals. Each group will be limited to 5 players maximum to ensure each players receives lots of quality and game like repetitions. 

1 session $50  /  5 sessions $225  /  10 sessions $400