Spring 2021

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Development programs are for all skill levels and abilities! We emphasize learning the fundamentals and making the game fun and enjoyable as well as teaching new skills. We hope to see rapid improvement by this group while still making sure they enjoy coming to practice every week.

The first day of programs is Monday, April 5th. If your program does not fall on that day you will start the first day of your program after After April 5th. The last day of programs is Sunday, June 15th. All programs are subject to change based on gym availability and numbers of players registered.


Grade 5 – 10




Welcome to the VanCity Youth Basketball League Players registered for this program will have one skills session and one game within the same cohort based on skill level. This program is two days a week and is games and skill development.  If we can’t play games we will run two Phase 2 skill development sessions per week. 

Grade 5-6
Wednesday 5:00-6:00pm at LGCA
Sunday 11:55am-12:55pm at St Pius

Grade 7-8
Monday 5:00-6:00pm at LGCA
Sunday 1:00-2:00pm at St Pius 

Grade 9-10
Monday 6:00-7:00pm at LGCA
Saturday 3:35-4:35pm at LGCA

$249 (includes GST)
Includes VanCity reversible game jersey or other gear
*Note no practices May 22/23/24

Grade 3 – 10

Girls Only


Programs will adhere to the most recent VIA Sport guidelines. 

This ten week program is for girls of all skill levels and abilities. We emphasize learning the fundamentals and team concepts in a fun, inclusive, and competitive environment. Our Girls only programs are led by two former university women’s basketball players. The goal for this program is see rapid improvement in each player and help them grow their love for the game! 

Grade 3-5 Girls
Group #1 (FULL)
Saturday 9:00-9:55am at LGCA
Tuesday 5:00-6:00 at LGCA

Group #2 
Saturday 12:40-1:35pm at LGCA
Monday 7:00-7:55pm at Pemberton Heights Community Hall

Grade 6-8  Development 
Saturday 10:00-11:10am at LGCA
Tuesday 6:10-7:20pm at LGCA 

Grade 8-10 Skills 
Saturday 10:00-11:10am @ LGCA
Monday 8:00-9:10pm @ Pemberton Community Hall 

Cost for Girls Only:
$239- Grade 3-5 girls program
$249- Grade 6-9 Development
$249- Grade 8-10 Skills

Includes VanCity reversible game jersey or other gear
*Note No practices May 22

Grade K– 10

Skills Training


These 10 week programs are focused on individual skill development and the introduction of team concepts through small sided gameplay. 

Youth Development Practice Days

Kindergarten/Grade 1
Saturday 1:40-2:30 at LGCA

Grade 2/3 boys
Saturday 2:40-3:30pm at LGCA

Grade 3/4 boys
Sunday 11:00-11:50pm at St. Pius

Cost: $139 (includes GST)
Includes reversible jersey or other gear
*Note no practices May 23

Skills Training: