Winter 2024

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Winter 2024 REGISTRATION is OPEN! 

Development programs are for all skill levels and abilities! We emphasize learning the fundamentals and making the game fun and enjoyable as well as teaching new skills. We hope to see rapid improvement by this group while still making sure they enjoy coming to practice every week.

The first day of programs is Tuesday, January 9.  The last day of programs is Sunday, March 3. All programs are subject to change based on gym availability and numbers of players registered.

Please note there are no programs running February 17/18/19 due to Thanksgiving.


Grade 4 – 10

Lion's League


Welcome to the Lion’s League Two of the Premier clubs (VanCity Basketball and North Shore Basketball) have teamed up to offer a one of a kind weekend experience for youth basketball players. Players registered for the Lion’s League this Fall will have the opportunity to develop skills and learn to play team basketball in a fun and competitive environment. 

This program will have one or two skills sessions and one game per week.  Our weekday session will be the skills/practice day and Sunday will be Game day! All players will be placed on a team after the evaluation day and there will be a schedule for all teams in the league.  

January 14 – March 3

Grade 4 – 5

Group #1:

Tuesday 5:00-6:10pm at Lions Gate Christian Academy
Sunday TBA (Game Day)

Group #2:

Wednesday 5:00-6:10pm at Lion’s Gate Christian Academy
Sunday TBA (Game Day)

1 practice per week & game- $309 (Includes taxes and fees)
2 practice per week & game- $399 

Please note there are no programs running February 17/18/19.


DateLocationTeamsGame TimeScore
Sept 24Mulgrave 1Clippers vs. Timberwolves1:30pm
Sept 24Mulgrave 2Pelicans vs. Warriors1:30pm
Sept 24Mulgrave 1Lakers vs. Blazers2:30pm
Sept 24Mulgrave 2Rockets vs. Grizzlies2:30pm
October 1Mulgrave 1Blazers vs. Timberwolves1:30pm
October 1Mulgrave 2Grizzlies vs. Warriors1:30pm
October 1Mulgrave 1Pelicans vs. Clippers2:30pm
October 1Mulgrave 2Rockets vs. Lakers2:30pm
October 8No gamesThanksgiving
October 15Mulgrave 1Rockets vs. Timberwolves1:30pm
October 15Mulgrave 2Lakers vs. Warriors1:30pm
October 15Mulgrave 1Pelicans vs. Grizzlies2:30pm
October 15Mulgrave 2Blazers vs. Clippers2:30pm
October 22Mulgrave 1Warriors vs. Blazers1:30pm
October 22Mulgrave 2Pelicans vs. Rockets1:30pm
October 22Mulgrave 1Clippers vs. Lakers2:30pm
October 22Mulgrave 2Grizzlies vs. Timberwolves2:30pm
October 29Mulgrave 1Clippers vs. Timberwolves1:30pm
October 29Mulgrave 2Grizzlies vs. Lakers1:30pm
October 29Mulgrave 1Warriors vs. Rockets2:30pm
October 29Mulgrave 2Pelicans vs. Blazers2:30pm
November 5Mulgrave 1Warriors vs. Pelicans1:30pm
November 5Mulgrave 2Timberwolves vs. Lakers1:30pm
November 5Mulgrave 1Blazers vs. Rockets2:30pm
November 5Mulgrave 2Grizzlies vs. Clippers2:30pm
November 12No GamesRemembrance Day
November 19Mulgrave 1Semi Final:
Clippers vs. Lakers
November 19Mulgrave 2Playoffs:
TWolves vs. Grizlies
November 19Mulgrave 1Playoffs:
Rockets vs. Pelicans
November 19Mulgrave 2Playoffs:
Warriors vs. Blazers
November 26Mulgrave 1Consolation Game
Clippers vs. Grizzlies
November 26Mulgrave 2Finals:
Lakers vs. TWolves
November 26Mulgrave 1Consolation Game:
Blazers vs. Pelicans
November 26Mulgrave 2Finals:
Warriors vs. Rockets


Noah L.
Altan B.
Harrison V.B.
Malcolm H.
Lochlan R.
Jason H.
Tomas H.
Sean B.
Zhuo J.


Joon Y.
Matthew T.
Samuel W.
Winton P.

Aaron E.
Jayden H.
Xavier C.
Cameron F.
Ashwin W.
Max P.


Julius S.
Jacob J.
Joshua C.
Nikolas V.
Nino F.
Kyle S.
Rudyard G.
Alex W.
Owen M.
Elliott B.


Sam G.
Tyler L.

Herbert Y.
Kaleb B.
Baylor A.
Sam M.
Willem G.
J. Young
Ronin K.
Emmett R.


Austin F.
Daniel R.
Alejandro V.
Ethan M.
Hadrian G.
Julian F.
Jerry W.
Justin H.
Sebasttian D.
Thomas J.


James C.
Aiden E.

Ryan E.
Fin A.
Brady M.
Ryker I.
Rafael M.
Jack D.
Wes S.
Matthew D.


Gabe C.
Farid T.

Nolan C.
Liam G.
Xola M.
Keenan C. O.
Thomas M.
Jahrett C.

Baylor A.
Spencer K.


Justin B.
Zakarie K.

Daneil R.
Graham B.
Jonah A.
Rafael A.
Ricky J.
Cody F.
Tyler H.
Kayden R.

Grade 6 – 7

Group #1:

Monday 6:50-8:00pm at Carisbrooke Elementary School
Sunday TBA (Game Day)

Group #2:

Tuesday 6:10-7:20pm at Lion’s Gate Christian Academy
Sunday TBA (Game Day)

Group #3:

2 practices and a game

1 practice per week & game- $309
2 practice per week & game- $399

Please note there are no programs running February 17/18/19 


Fall 2023 Roster and Schedule

Dorian P.
Hayden T.
Gregory Z.
Owen H.
Kyle L.
Rodin P.
Aryo D.
Alexander P.
Ivraj S.
Rylie R.
Regan P
Josh T.



Nolan M.
Kai F.
Charlie B.
Josue P.
Luke B.
Xavier P.
Erik Z.
David J.
Julian W.
Sami M.
Shauyon M.
Devin M.


Edison L.
Jason Z.
Leo K.
Sam M.
Damian K.
Logan K.
Noah R.
Tice O.
Ryan G.
Seaver B.
Eli S.


Zachary V.
Adam T.
Dylan M.
Liam E.
Cole B.
Jake W.
Samuel W.
Lennon S.
Lukasz J.
Lewis D.




Milo T.
Leo P.
Peyton W.
Marcus S.
Colson M.G.
Zane D.

Kurtis C.
Ivan W.
Eli Z.
Mattias M.
Nash B.



Ben C.
Makota P.
William D.
Fraser G.
Joshua M.
Bradley S.
Leonardo T.
Sacha L.
Aidan C.
Avan X.

DateLocationTeamsGame TimeScore
Sept. 24St PiusRaptors vs. Heat11:00am
Sept. 24St. PiusNets vs. Hawks12:00pm
Sept. 24St. PiusBucks vs. Knicks1:00pm
October 1St. PiusHawks vs. Heat11:00am
October 1St.PiusKnicks vs. Raptors12:00pm
October 1St.PiusBucks vs. Nets1:00pm
October 8No GamesThanksgiving
October 15St. PiusNets vs. Knicks11:00am
October 15St. PiusHawks vs. Raptors12:00pm
October 15St. PiusBucks vs. Heat1:00pm
October 22St. PiusNets vs. Heat11:00am
October 22St. PiusKnicks vs. Hawks12:00pm
October 22St. PiusBucks vs. Raptors1:00pm
October 29St. PiusRaptors vs. Nets11:00am
October 29St. PiusKnicks vs. Heat12:00pm
October 29St. PiusBucks vs. Hawks1:00pm
November 5St. PiusRaptors vs. Heat11:00am
November 5St. PiusNets vs. Hawks12:00pm
November 5St. PiusBucks vs. Knicks1:00pm
November 12No GamesRemembrance Day
November 19Andre PiolatConsolation Game:
Nets vs. Raptors
November 19Andre PiolatSemi Final:
Knicks vs. Hawks
November 19Andre PiolatSemi Final:
Heat vs. Bucks
November 26St. PiusConsolation:
Raptors vs. Knicks
November 26St. PiusConsolation:
Heat vs. Nets
November 26St. PiusFinals:
Bucks vs. Hawks

Grade 8-10

Group #1:

Thursday 8:00-9:15pm at Carisbrooke Elementary School
Sunday TBA (Game Day)

One practice and game per week $309

Please note there are no programs running February 17/18/19 


Eli A.
Kyle F.
Nate W.
Finlay G.

Carter W.
Kellen L.
Milo G.
Marcus L.
Maxime S.
Chase S.


Noah M.
Alex N.
Raymond Z.
Ken L.
Thomas Z.
Eden S.
Delano M.
MacEwan C.
Ethan Manarovici
Broden D.


Jacob D.
Dace S.
Allen L.
Westin A.
Aneil R.
Roham M.
Dylan P.
Marcus B.
Fergus A.
Timmy C.


Dante Ley
Sean Slinn
Kaiden M.
Adam M.
Ryan D.
Deniz U.
Jamie D.
Blake P.
Matthew L.
James M.


Rod S.
Harry G.
Tin W.
Joud A.
Owen K.
Ryan A.
Sebastien C.
Lochlan B.


Arvin S.
Allen F.
Thomas S.
Navid T.
Theo D.
Joonhee K.
Ethan Mercer
Graeme Q.
Grey Kozar

DateLocationTeamsGame TimeScore
Sept 24St. PiusSpurs vs. Nuggets2:00pm
Sept 24St. PiusBulls vs. Mavericks3:00pm
Sept 24MulgraveJazz vs. Pacers3:30pm
October 1St. PiusSpurs vs. Bulls2:00pm
October 1St. PiusJazz vs. Nuggets3:00pm
October 1MulgraveMavericks vs. Pacers3:30pm
October 8No GamesThanksgiving
October 15St. PiusSpurs vs. Jazz2:00pm
October 15St. PiusPacers vs. Bulls3:00pm
October 15MulgraveMavericks vs. Nuggets3:30pm
October 22St. PiusNuggets vs. Bulls2:00pm
October 22St.PiusSpurs vs. Pacers3:00pm
October 22MulgraveJazz vs. Mavericks3:30pm
October 29St. PiusBulls vs. Jazz2:00pm
October 29St. PiusSpurs vs. Mavericks3:00pm
October 29MulgraveNuggets vs. Pacers3:30pm
November 5St. PiusSpurs vs. Nuggets2:00pm
November 5 St. PiusBulls vs. Mavericks3:00pm
November 5MulgraveJazz vs. Pacers3:30pm
November 12 No GamesRemembrance Day
November 19MulgravePlayoff Jazz vs. Mavs3:30pm
November 19Andre PiolatSemi Final:
Pacers vs. Spurs
November 19Andre PiolatSemi Final:
Bulls vs. Nuggets
November 26MulgravePlacement Game:
Nuggets vs. Mavs
November 26St. PiusPlacement Game:
Spurs vs. Jazz
November 26St. PiusChampionship Final;
Bulls vs. Pacers

Grade 4-9

Girls Development


This program is for girls of all skill levels and abilities. We emphasize learning the fundamentals and team concepts in a fun, inclusive, and competitive environment. Our Girls only programs are led by  former college women’s basketball player Steph von Riedemann. The goal for this program is see rapid improvement in each player and help them grow their love for the game! 

January 9 – March 2

Grade 2-4

Wednesday 5:30-6:30pm at Lynn Valley Elementary School


Grade 5-6

Tuesday 7:20-8:20pm at Lynn Valley Elementary School
Saturday 9:00-10:15am at Lion’s Gate Christian Academy


Grade 7-9

Tuesday 8:20-9:30pm at Lynn Valley Elementary School
Saturday 9:00-10:15am @  Lion’s Gate Christian Academy 


Please note there are no programs running February 17/18/19.

Grade K– 3

Youth Skills Training


This 8 week programs are focused on individual skill development and the introduction of team concepts through small sided gameplay. 

January 9 – February 29

Kindergarten – Grade 1 

Tuesday 5:30-6:20pm at Lynn Valley Elementary School

1 practice per week – $159

Grade 2-3

Group #1:
Tuesday 6:20-7:20pm at Lynn Valley Elementary School

Group #2:

Thursday 5:30-6:30pm at Carisbrooke Elementary School
1 practice per week- $179
2 practice per week- $279